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NUGS Calls on Government and Student Loan Trust Fund to Pay Students Loan Immediately.

The National Union of Ghana Student is calling on Government and the Student Trust Fund to immediately pay qualified applicants and pay last semester arrears.

According to the Union, it has received many complaints from students nationwide about non-payment of student loans after a long period of applications.

NUGS letter to Government and Student Loan Trust Fund.

And this to the union, will affect students academics. Because the union has been informed that, in some institutions, they have issued notices and warning to students on ending registration. And such institution is the University of Business and Integrated Development ( UBIDS- WA).

The union again indicated that in KNUST, some students depending on the loan would not be able to register their courses and would not be able to partake in their mid-semester exams which comes off on February 27, 2023.

Hence, the union is calling on the Student Loan Trust and Government as a matter of urgency, pay qualified applicants the student loan immediately in order to prevent students from deferring their courses

Again, the union entreats the about 70,000 students to calm down and calls on the various local secretariats on campuses with urgency to reach out to the national secretariat for immediate assistance.