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Sergio’s Handing Over Address as ATL Hall Entertainment Chairperson

He is arguably the most successful Entertainment Chairperson ever to inherit the throne of the great Atlantic Hall, yet the most vilified leader. He is called Emmanuel Owusu Boakye also identified within his folks as Sergio.

On May, 20, 2015, he handed over his position with a keynote address that received applause and a standing ovation from the hundreds of spectators, a keynote address which encapsulated his achievement, failures and challenges. has managed to secure a copy of this historic speech and below is the full excerpt:

On the 20th of May 2015, I handed over my position as the Entertainment Chairman of the Great Atlantic Hall to the Hall Master. This was done because there was no replacement for me yet as candidates who were vetted were disqualified.

It has been a wonderful experience over the past year as I took the mantle to spearhead activities that will entertain Mariners amidst serious administrative challenges. However, I was able to achieve majority of the objectives I set for myself.

The first thing I was able to achieve was the rebranding of ATL Entertainment to Marine City Entertainment. This was something initiated in 2012 by Chairman Alinco and continued by Sarah (Me Na Menie). I was able to finish up the branding process and established a peculiar trademark for Marine City Entertainment (herein after referred to as MCE). Together with my committee members, we created a unique logo for our brand and help publicized other campus events.

Also, I recognized the need to portray the wonderful activities in Atlantic Hall to the outside world. I did everything possible to get sponsorships for our programs but none proved successful. This was mainly because our entertainment profile was comparatively lower and companies did not see the impact and benefits they will derive from investing in our programs. It became essential for me to create profiles on the social media and promote our events for firms to recognize our participation levels and the benefits they can derive from sponsoring our programs. We now have Twitter, Youtube and Instagram accounts with the username: @marinecityucc . We also have a facebook page with about 5000 LIKES and a group captioned: MARINE CITY ENTERTAINMENT (which was created for Mariners to socialize and update themselves about essential information). I must say these social media accounts contributed greatly to the successful publicity during our 52nd Hall Week and I thank John Oleka (Nasky) for supporting and operating some of these accounts.

Under my administration, I acquired a backdrop for Atlantic Hall. Currently, ATL is the only hall with an entertainment backdrop used for designing and staging our events.

Also during my tenure, we disposed the outmoded dual view decoder and bought 2 new extra view decoders. I created a new DSTV account for the hall and made sure a yearly premium subscription was well activated and Mariners have enjoyed continuous access to watch football matches without any interruptions or cause for monthly renewals.

Another thing I have achieved is the repair of the floor P.A System. This has been of use in entertaining Mariners during weekends and holidays. If improvised, they can also be used for organizing talk shows and interviews.
Moving on, I was able to acquire indoor game equipment for Mariners to keep themselves entertained when bored or stressed out. This consists of several items like ludo, drafts, oware among others. Now, we need not hire any of such equipment when we organize indoor games competition or similar programs.

My major focus when I assumed office was to help acquire a new sound system for the Great Atlantic Hall. Most of our sound equipment were outmoded and in bad shape so we always hired sound equipment anytime we had programs. With the support of my colleague executives, I was able to acquire a new set of Sound System for the Great Atlantic Hall. It consists of the following items:

2 full range speakers

2 subwoofer speakers

2 power amplifiers

2 wireless microphones

2 corded microphones

2 microphone stands

10,000W Stabilizer





An Amp Rack

Professional studio headphone

Pro. DJ Mixer Board and all connecting cables, canon plugs and other accessories.

As shown above, my tenure of office has been more of project centered rather than programs centered (which has been the focus of most Entertainment Chairpersons). This was due to the difficulties I faced in getting approvals for the wonderful programs I had in mind for ATL. Also, it was due to the fact that the hall lacked the infrastructure for organizing such programs. There was therefore the need for me to switch to projects and set a foundation for future chairpersons to organize mega programs for the Great Atlantic Hall.

Nonetheless, I organized series of programs for Mariners to keep themselves entertained. The first of such programs was the Freshers Akwaaba Festival. This was climaxed with a tour orgainized in collaboration with other halls to Kakum National Park, Elmina Castle and Cape Coast Castle. It finished up with an after party at SAMRIT HOTEL where freshers socialized and had fun. This was the first time ever all the 6 traditional halls collaborated to organize such an event. From then, Mariners were regularly kept entertained as music videos, movies and football matches were projected in the Quadrangle as well as the successful organization of programs organized by the wings in the Hall. Before Christmas, Mariners witnessed one of the best Carols Night Service ever held in ATL.

One major challenge I faced was with the organization of ATL Kreation Day which was abruptly cancelled by the Senior Hall Tutor after some students falsely reported to him that it was an occult program. I must say this incident almost made me resign but the drive to keep students entertained kept me moving.

One important achievement that I can boast of was the success of our 52nd Hall Week Celebrations despite the wrangling in our administration. Arguably, we had the best hall week in UCC during the 2014/2015 academic year. This was because of the active involvement of Mariners and the dedication portrayed by some of the JCRC Executives. I pray we maintain or improve the standards we have set in the coming years as ATLANTIC HALL is noted for setting the pace for the others to trace.

The last program I organized was the MCE Awards which sought to honour Mariners for their outstanding contribution to the hall and their involvement in their respective fields.

I would like to thank God for guiding my steps and protecting my life throughout this administration. I thank SOME of my colleague JCRC executives for their support and my committee members for their immense contribution to these achievements. I thank all the people who supported me physically, spiritually, emotionally and financially. Again, I thank the wonderful people of ATLANTIC HALL for their involvement and participation in everything I initiated. Without you, none of my success will mean anything.

Maybe I have not done much; but I know I have done my best to uplift the entertainment profile of the Great Atlantic Hall.

Long live Mother Atlantic…
Long live Atlantic Hall…
Long live UCC…
Emmanuel Owusu Boakye
(ATL Entertainment Chairman 2014/2015)
A.k.a Sergio
A.k.a Chairman Wontumi
A.k.a Agyes3tuo!