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Shout Till Your Voices Are Heard – UCC Professor Advises Student Nurses

A transcultural Professor in Nursing and a lecturer at the University of Cape Coast’s School of Nursing has advised student nurses to ‘shout till’ their grievance’s are heard and their interest are considered.

Speaking at the launching of the  6th Annual Week Celebration of the Nursing students Association-UCC dubbed ”The role of the graduate nurse in healthy policy formulation”, Professor Janet Gross paraphrased a saying by an unknown author which says ‘ shout till you are heard , If you don’t , it is assumed you don’t need it ” to champion and ignite students nurses to be vibrant advocates in policy formulation that affects their employment and better working conditions.

According to her , the impact of nurses as stakeholders in health policy formulation as well their representation in the board of policy makers keeps on dwindling even in the leadership of W.H.O. She therefore calls on student nurses to start advocacy now and not only for patient but in issues relating to health and nursing.

The week celebration is a week long series of events that students in the school celebrate to address issues relating to them and nursing. The detailed activities involved in the celebration are below: