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SRC Set to “Wow” With Fun Nyt

The academic year was greeted on a note of controversies borne out of strike, internal wrangling, academic drills   and stressful moments, but the good news is that fun-packed entertainment explosions await students to relieve the stress as warm-up to face the exams.

In that respect, information has gathered so far indicates that the SRC is putting together an outstanding entertainment package that would wow and blow your mind in a date to be announced soon.

Students are therefore entreated to warm-up their dancing shoes in anticipating of this great moment.

A chit chat with the entertainment chairperson for the SRC, “A-poly” disclosed that the fun-nyt is going “kill” the stress students have long experienced and promises to showcase talent, style and glamour spiced with good music and comedy.

“All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy” as the sages succinctly advise, so let us all get on board and cruise to the 2014 SRC Fun Nyt!!!!