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SRC Week Celebrations in Limbo: Ag SRC Prez Sued For Contempt.

A case of contempt has been filed against the Ag SRC President of the University of Cape Coast for organising the General Assembly meeting and for initiating plans to celebrate the 52nd SRC Week celebrations, can report.

The case of contempt was in respect of the court case pending at the Cape Coast High Court which is challenging the legitimacy of the continuous stay in office of the Ag SRC President, Francis Kwabena Arthur.

The case of contempt was intended to indict the Ag President for defiance of the court order since the matter is still pending.

It would be recalled that a writ was filed by Philip Glover and Jerald K. Tamba, all students of the University of Cape Coast and the defendants of the suit included the University of Cape Coast, the Dean of Students of the university and Francis Kwabena Arthur as first, second and third defendants.

A message from the SRC Office circulated on social media read as follows:

Please take notice that the SRC Week Celebration has being (Sic) postponed indefinitely. This has become necessary because Philip Glover (The all-wise man) has filed a contempt case against the Acting SRC President. He is being supported by Collins Apasipanga (SUPREME). They have further filed contempt against PRESIDER for organizing G.A meeting and Executive Council meeting.

Philip Glover has further gone to court to seek injunction on the producing of the level 100’s SRC lacostes.
Signed by In-charge of Communication

In a sharp rebuttal, Philip Glover, the gentleman in the centre of the controversy also replied as follows:

It is true that I have filed a case of contempt of court against Francis Kwabena Arthur. If that action necessitated the indefinite postponement of the SRC Week Celebrations, then it is in my firm belief that it is the interest of students.

As to whether or not SUPREME is supporting me, there is no locus to it.

With the issue of the level 100’s Lacoste, all I did was to ask those in charges where those monies have been channeled to, and make them very accountable. I will gain nothing if I place an Interlocutory Injunction on the production of these shirts

Signed by Philip Gover.