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Support Racheal for Valco Hall Secretary-The Tried and Tested

A member of team, Racheal Appiah-Kubi  is seeking for your support as she races for Valco Hall Secretary position.

A prolific writer in her own right, Racheal is a Business Management student and one of the finest brains who have contributed immensely to

Going with the motto “inspirational, intelligent and innovative” Racheal is an easy-going, down-to-earth and commands a lot of verbal and written communication skills which are prerequisite qualities of a secretary.

Besides that, Racheals commands the ability to develop original ideas, an all-round person, very confident and has a decisive personality

To put it short, Racheal is a good social mixer with determination, diplomacy, team player and a well-balanced emotional and cultural intellect.

We here at humbly solicit for your support to help Racheal to become the Secretary for Valco Hall.