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#SupportABlindStudent Fundraising Campaign Launched

Campus Volunteer Foundation of the University of Cape Coast has launched a #SupportABlindStudent project to raise funds to purchase voice recorders for visually impaired students on the University of Cape Coast campus. This is to facilitate learning for students with such disability. 

About thirty visually impaired students at the University of Cape Coast have their recorders broken down to no use. Recorders are a major part of the life of visually impaired students. Besides Brails, recorders are the only resort visually impaired students have to access learning materials. 

President of Campus Volunteer Foundation-UCC, Hafiz Laryea, has noted, “Volunteers from our group were ready to record books for the visually impaired but upon realization of this fact, we decided to launch this project. We’ve found this as a responsibility and challenge –to stand up for them. It is a cause to raise 9000 cedis to purchase thirty voice recorders (at 300 cedis each) for our colleagues”. To him, this is what volunteerism is all about, “the way an active, apolitical citizenry recognizes needs and provides services or makes efforts to address them well before government or institution heads do. This is the way towards building a better society. We have little or no excuse as students”, he said.

In a statement of approval signed by the coordinator of the Resource Centre for Alternative Media and Assistive Technology (R-CAMAT) of UCC, Dr. Baaba Aidoo, she consented to Campus Volunteer Foundation (CVF) to use the centres name to raise funds in aid of recorders for students with visual impairment and expressed gratitude to it for partnering with the centre with the quest to bring quality education to students with disability. 

Hafiz Laryea urged all students, SRC, Local Nugs, lecturers, philanthropists, as well as benevolent groups to contribute to this great cause noting that, “Everyone can make a difference. Soon, our volunteers will hit the lecture theatres and offices of the lecturers, while making appeal to benevolent people and organizations to make this a success. The funds being raised shall be closely monitored by the Resource Centre. Anyone, group, or organization willing to support should contact the Resource Centre representative or president of C.V.F on +233207799146/+233248373780 for more details. Accounts of donations and updates of the project shall also be posted on the social media pages of Campus Volunteer Foundation.





Campus Volunteer Foundation is a student volunteer organization on campus which instills the spirit of volunteerism in all students and, to reach out in diverse ways to impact society positively. To educate to the understanding of all tertiary students that, volunteerism is a great tool towards better society.

Below is the APPROVAL OF CONSENT letter by the Resource Center addressed to Campus Volunteer Foundation-UCC and copied to Dean, student affairs unit and Provost, College of Education.