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Team Reformer and Ghanahene Endorse Team Presider

The two giants who were lacing their boots for the University of Cape Coast SRC presidential race but were crushed out on their way, Kofi Yussif Tetteh also known as Team Reformer and Ghanahene Kweku Sakyi Hughes have thrown their weight behind Team Presider for this year’s SRC contest. has sighted separate press releases issued from these two camps and Team Reformer’s release read as follows:

Press release by: TEAM REFORMER

On behalf of TEAM REFORMER of UCC SRC presidential aspirant, I write to inform and make clarifications respectively.

Unlike every normal political animal do in this 21st century, one must be certain on some basic requirements before a move. There is an item circulating that the head of team reformer’s CGPA was below the required by the university authority before contesting SRC, L/NUGS and JCRC elections. We entreat concern students to treat this as pure lies. The correct spellings of the issue is that, the gentleman in question has three incomplete assessment which was to be corrected before a time frame given by the vetting committee. Considering the way the academic system works with respect to correcting ICs, he pleaded for his previous semester CGPA to be used which was free from hindrance coupled with his vice Presidential aspirant who is a first class student, the panel refused. By the time those corrections were made the vetting results has been published. We were there axed from the race due to the said ICs which was corrected after the vetting results publication.

Even the living beneath the sea was convinced that TEAM REFORMER was winning 2015/ 2016 UCC SRC Presidential seat until the tender striking shock emanated into the public domain.
Not withstanding, the team decided to seek legal action which would have resulted in putting injunction on the election to affect over eighty aspirants. Tempering justice with mercy?.

If the interest of every SRC aspirant is to seek the interest of the students body but not his/her parochial interest, what then lies the faith and position of team reformer watching some group of students promoting a square peg into a round hole.

The TEAM REFORMER headed by Kofi Yussif Tetteh with the maximum respect and humility for his sympathizers officially declares his full support for TEAM PRESIDER for SRC presidential aspirant and respectively edge all his sympathizers to throw their support for the team. Per the team assessment, the next equally experienced team to safeguard the interest of students is TEAM PRESIDER.

We apologize for any inconveniences caused and wish you all the best in the impending exams.

A.M Sali
Head of communication, team reformer.