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“The One” For ATL Hall Rep-1: The Grand Choice

William Shakespeare once said some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon them. The latter perfectly summarizes the leadership credentials of ENOCH Abeiku Bart-Plange Tawiah uniquely identified as “The One” as he launches his bit for the SRC Rep 1 of the great Atlantic Hall.

Running on the motto, ‘Serving in the interest and welfare of all” “The One” is down-to-earth person and have a lot of institutional memory which he hopes to transform the fortunes of ATL Hall into a showpiece.

He has a vision to serving as a mouthpiece of all Mariners on all meeting.

As a Management of Education student, “The One” hopes to serve as liaison between the hall and the SRC, making sure the ideals of the hall always stand out.

The one would always ensure Mariners are abreast of information relating to the SRC and JCRC.

Crowning all, “The One” hopes to create an effective and vibrant means of communication with Mariners especially those in the diaspora.

Don’t just vote but vote for someone who spelled the vision that would inure to your interest.

Let us rally behind Enoch also identified as “The One” for ATL HALL REP 1.