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The Reformer Wishes Students Luck In Their Exams

PhotoA student had ?? on his answer paper but was mistakenly recorded as 77 in his favour. When a man is running after something in life, we call it RACE, but when he is with God in his race, it is called GRACE. Don’t worry because he will never let you into DiSGRACE.

Preparations may not turn out as planned but your victory is inevitable. Are “U” not bigger than these sheets of papers? You are a champion, a victor, an over comer, a barrier breaker, a line crosser, a trail blazer. Fear, panic, intimidations, tension, confusion have no part in you. The God in you is Greater than everything in the world.

All the Best for the Rest of your Papers.
                                                                                                              THE REFORMER!!!
By: Kofi Y. Tetteh