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The 17th UCC Students’ Parliamentary Council to be Inaugurated

The University of Cape Coast Students’ Parliamentary Council which started officially as the UCC House of Parliament in the year 2002 making it the oldest Students’ Parliament in the country, is set to inaugurate a new House on Saturday October 5 at the SRC Hall conference room at 7pm.

The inauguration will see the induction of the Seventeenth Parliamentary Council made up of representatives from non-residential constituencies , the Second and Third SRC representation of Halls to Executive Council, GRASAG representation, chairpersons of SRC standing committees and twenty students . This follows the dissolution of the Sixteenth Students’ Parliamentary Council of the 2018/ 2019 academic year.

The parliamentary council which became a quasi-legislative organ of the Students’ Representative Council following an Executive Instrument issued on the 7th of September 2017 gives power to the council to vet and make recommendation of all appointment for officers under the SRC.

The Council is also to receive, discuss and make recommendations on the SRC budgets to the executive council. The parliamentary council also mandated by the executive instrument to debate issues concerning the interest of students and they are also to be consulted by the President before he goes to negotiate fees on behalf of students.

The UCC Parliamentary Council has received a number of awards both internally and externally making it one of the vibrant groups on Campus. They have won the Commonwealth Day Debate twice, in 2017 and 2018 and won silver twice 2015 and 2016.

Jeffrey Koomson |