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There is no Ebola In UCC! – Health Directorate of UCC

The Health Directorate of the University of Cape Coast has debunked rumours that Ghana’s first ebola case has been recorded at the University of Cape Coast hospital.

The Director of the University of Cape Coast Directorate, Alhaji Dr. Kabiru Azeez, told press men today that the rumours making rounds to that effect is not true and must therefore be disregarded.

The facts of the case as presented by Dr. Azeez is that the said woman, who is alleged to be the ebola patient, was brought to the hospital this morning with symptoms that they (Doctors) diagnosed to be either dysentery or peptic ulcer.

He said after the doctors had attended to her, the woman’s condition has stabilized, and her temperature has actually fallen from 38 degrees Celsius to 37 in the evening, as he briefed us, adding that “if it was ebola, the temperature will rather rise, not fall”.

According to the husband of the middle-aged woman, who spoke to Dr. Azzez in the presence of the media, the symptoms started last Thursday after the woman had returned from a funeral in the same village they live.

According to the husband, she has not travelled out of their village in a very long while.

The health workers attending to the woman have therefore ruled out any case of ebola, saying that the symptoms shown is more of dysentery and peptic ulcer, and not that of ebola.

In a related development, the fresh students who reported today for registration are being screened by health officials from the UCC Health Directorate. This is to ensure that any suspected case of ebola is detected and dealt with accordingly.

source: atlfmonline