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Two UCC Students Design a Software Called “Notice Board”

Two University of Cape Coast (UCC) students have designed a software called “Notice Board” which enables users to create and receive notices from groups, entities or clubs they are members of.

Justice Kwame Awudi, level 200 and Felix Nii Marley, level 300, all studying  Information Technology said their objective of creating this software was to bridge the communication gap between groups, entities and their members and also create a platform to ensure that information, notices and announcements get to the targeted audience.

This, they said, would reduce or completely take out the cost people incur on advertising or marketing events, programmes etc.

Other functions the software performs include creating groups, uploading posters, post untagged notices or single notices.

Groups are also assured of SMS notifications  to the targeted members and optimal SMS features of sending notices directly to members via SMS is also available.

The software also enables users to sign in with social networks.

Some groups such as MASSAG,ICGC,UCCABS,WESSGOSA,APSAINTS-UCC etc have hooked up and are already enjoying this groundbreaking software.

Awudi and Martey opined that their aim was to take away the traditional notice board and replace that with digital form of notification.

They said they were in a process of fine-tuning the software and any constructive criticism and suggestions were welcomed.

Their long term vision, they said, was to build a great brand that would change the world by solving problems all around by building quality user application.

Other members who supported and helped bring this dream to reality include Obed Nene Ademang

People can check it out for themselves by logging into