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UCC Fees Lower than Legon’s – SRC President

David Boakye, the SRC president of the University of Cape-Coast (UCC) has disclosed that students in UCC paid lower fees this academic year compared with that of the University of Ghana (UG).

He said this on Sunday, 15th September, 2013 whilst addressing students of the university in the first session of the General Assembly meeting of the SRC.

“School fees of UCC, we can see it as hard but I can assure you it is lower than that of Legon. I have a copy of the fees students at Legon paid this academic year” he opined.

He stated that, given the breakdown of fees paid by students of UCC this academic year and comparing it to what students of UG paid, it is clear that UCC students paid less.

Examining this issue, he intimated that whilst students offering Humanities and Businesses at UCC were charged GH¢133.00 for Facility User Fees and those in the Sciences, GH¢198, their counterparts at UG who read Humanities paid GH¢151.00 and those in the Businesses, GH¢217.00 whilst those in the Sciences were charged GH¢216.00.

The SRC president further stated that students in UCC were charged GH¢115.00 for Examination Fees but their counterpart at UG paid GH¢117.00.

On Health Care, he observed that students in UCC were charged GH60.00 whilst students at UG paid GH¢79.00
On I.C.T which is captured as Technology Services Fees at UG, students in UCC paid GH¢80.00 but those at UG paid GH¢117.00.

He indicated that he received a lot of bashing from students of UCC apparently because he was not heard in the media unlike his counterpart at UG who was always in the airwaves. He said that despite the rough tactics adopted by the SRC president of UG including issuing threats because they were charged GH¢100.00 for Maintenance and Replacement Fees, he could not reduce the amount they were charged but through the concerted effort by his administration, they were able to negotiate with the University Administration to bring it down to GH¢35.00.

He also hinted that plans are far advanced to upgrade UCC Sport Complex to international standards by next academic year.
He outlined projects that his administration has proposed for execution in his tenure which includes the construction of a multi-purpose shuttle station, installation of streets lights bulbs on campus, numbering of Taxis that run on campus, construction of a dip-dish cafeteria at the top floor of the SRC hostel, among other projects.

The various Executives including the Local NUGS president, Hall presidents, the SRC secretary and the Local NUGS secretary also presented their reports from their various constituencies before the General Assembly.