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UCC Graduation; Professor Obeng Mireku Calls on Government and Nananom to Help Fence University of Cape Coast Lands.

The Chair of Council of the University of Cape Coast, Professor Obeng Mireku has called on government and Nananom to come and assist the University fence some portions of the school land.

He made this plea during the 5th session of the 54th congregation, College of Distance Education.

Addressing the congregation in his welcome remarks, the professor mentioned that one important thing that needs the support of government and the Nananom is the construction of fence war along some portions of the University land to forefend further encroachment. He explained that this phenomenon is a big problem as it is preventing the school’s expansion.

The chair of Council, Professor Mireku again mentioned that another problem the university is facing is inadequacy and sometimes lack of funding.

“ funding as you know is key for the growth and development of the educational enterprise,” he added. Also, he stated “ in the developed world today, education is considered as a political priority,” he said.

To him, the reasons for these are not far fetched.

“Wealth is considered less and less in factories, land, tools and machinery. Indeed wealth is found in the knowledge skills and resourcefulness of people, attributes that are critical to the growth and development of the country,” he said

In ending his address, the professor congratulated the graduands and admonished the graduands that their success will depend on not what they have acquired from the university but their success will depend on how they will use what they have acquired from the university.

He again encouraged the freshly graduated students to be discipline in whatever they do in order for them to be successful and also ensure that, they become good ambassadors of the University of Cape Coast.