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UCC Holds the Annual Leader’s Inspiration and Vision Empowerment Conference

The Leaders Inspiration and Vision Empowerment Conference held every year by Positive Transformation Foundations for tertiary students in Ghana was this year held at the auditorium of the School of Medical Science (SMS), UCC.

This year’s conference dubbed “Our Roles In Transformation” brought students from different tertiary institutions such as the University of Ghana, the Kwame Nkrumah University Of Science and Technology, the Ghana Institute of Journalism and seminary schools graced the occasion.

The conference was honoured with important personalities who came to inspire and empower students with leadership and entrepreneurship skills.

Dr. Michael Abu Sakara Foster who happens to be the guest speaker spoke at length, advising and urging students on the need for uprising and gearing towards the transformations in the country’s administration.

He gave a powerful speech which motivated and impacted the students who came for the conference.

He again elaborated on the need for the amendments of the constitution and making of a long term development plan and enshrining it as a nation.

Dr. Sakara also spoke about the need for a curriculum change.

“The country therefore needs a new curriculum that gives us a breath of African history to give youth the confidence to know that the very concept of religion begun in Africa”, he said.

As part of inspiring and motivating the youth, Rev. Mystagogue John Martin also gave a powerful talk on how to discover one’s leadership potentials and working towards it.

The conference created an atmosphere of socialization for students from different tertiary institutions in Ghana through the photoshoots section and ended by awarding students present with certificates of participation.