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UCC Lecturer Advises Students To Open Up With Their Problems

Students should open up with their problems in order to find solutions, a lecturer with Department of Communication Studies at the University of Cape Coast, has advised.

He gave this advice in an exclusive interview with, in response to the current trend of alleged suicide cases amongst students. 

According to Mr. Theophilus Attram Nartey, most students are unable to share their problems with authorities to help them solve these problems.

He thus advised that “we should all be ready to disclose to the appropriate people the conditions we have. We shouldn’t feel shy talking about our problems.”

“People must admit they have a problem then the next solution is to find how to solve it”, he said.

He then called on a general look out by people to report to the right authorities persons they suspect to have problems. 

“We should now begin to be observant with people around or people we know. Once we suspect that there’s some kind of moodiness or retrogression, we need to alert officials so that they can deal with the problem”, he stated.

Mr. Nartey indicated that amidst challenges they face, as counselors and lectures, they are doing their best to help students with their problems.

He called on students to make good use of the counseling services in the various institutions.

The lecturer again emphasized the need as a nation to give some relevance to mental healthcare.

He suggested the addition of a mental component to the medicals first year students undertake as part of their admission process.

Source: Godfred Mawugbe|