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UCC Online Registration Opens

Online registration of courses for the 2013/14 academic year has begun and will take place from the 5th of August to the 23rd of August, 2013.

The portal will allow you to apply only after you have paid your fees through any of the selected banks. Once your fees is paid, your portal account is updated and credited and then you can proceed with the registration.

Students are supposed to create accounts at the portal:


Should there be difficulties encountered in the registration process, students should contact the University Accounts Section, Room AS 25,Administration Block or call 03122991191 or 0312291192 (8:30am – 6:00pm)


A. Students would be able to register 48 hours after payment of the required fees.
B. Please ensure that you know the correct courses to register for this semester before attempting registration.
C. Major Selection First Semester registration requires each student to select a major. (If you are not clear with the majors listed, contact your department).
Second semester registration does not require the selection of majors.
D. Compulsory/Core Courses
At this stage you are expected to register your compulsory courses.
Compulsory courses( Core courses) are courses that the university requires of you to read.
D(i). Elective/Optional Courses
After registering your Core Courses, you will then be taken to the page where you register your Elective courses in addition to the core courses that have already been selected for you.
E. Auditing of Courses
Click on the audit link beside the course title if you wish to audit a course. Students should consult their department or read the students’ manual to know what is expected of them when they audit a course.
F. Dropping/Deleting a Course
Kindly Note that there would be NO adding and dropping period.
Students can add and drop courses of their choice as long as the registration period is not over.
G. Registration Form
After registering your courses, you are required to print your registration form and submit a copy at your department. If any changes are made at your department, you are to effect the changes online, print the new registration form and submit to your department.
H. Credit Hours
Minimum and maximum cedit hours are the boundaries of credit hours for which you can take in that semester. The system would not allow you to add a course once your maximum credit hours is reached and you cannot print out your registration form if your minimum credit hours has not been met.
I. University Courses for all Fresh Students
For the first semester, It is required of every LEVEL 100 FRESH STUDENT to register the following courses:
Information Literacy / Introduction to HIV and AIDS Studies
Communicative Skills
African Studies
During second semester, LEVEL 100 FRESH STUDENTS are
required to register the following courses:
Information Literacy / Introduction to HIV and AIDS Studies
Communicative skills
African Studies
Communicative skills, African studies, HIV and Liberal courses shall be selected for level 100 FRESH STUDENTS as part of their compulsory courses. However, some/all of these courses may also be selected for fresh students who enter the university at level 200 or 300.
J. Quick Access Links
Students are expected to refer to these links for help.