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‘UCC Post-Graduate Programs & Admissions are Easy!’ – Philosophy Finalists Assured

Lecturer of Philosophy at the Faculty of Arts in the University of Cape Coast (UCC) Mr Aboka George has advised final students of Philosophy to eschew rejecting UCC post-graduate studies.

The “Why I Won’t Worship Your God” ‘public lecturer’ however encouraged the students to also utilise study abroad program opportunities available.

He made this assertion during a picnic in the classics and philosophy departmental reading room to mark the end of ‘Epicureanism and Stoicism’ – a three credit semester course he taught in the department.

According to the philosopher, the picnic is a means of strengthening student – lecturer interaction and building a strong human relation amongst the students.

The course – ‘Epicureanism and Stoicism’ –, although is ancient in nature, presented some practical thought-provoking life styles worthy of copy.

It was no wonder the picnicking was arranged in the reading room since it symbolises the need to apply philosophical principles in all endeavours inasmuch as the currency of philosophy is ideas (or abstract).

Mr Aboka admitted that not all the students may want to remain in the department hence drew attention to the oil and gas industry, law fraternity, communication amongst others.

He therefore advised the students to return to the university for self-enrichment through post graduate study provisions the university has made.

“…the percentage of foreign nationals working in the oil and gas industry is about eighty…therefore if some of you take courses in oil and gas, especially with communication, it will help you since government has assured to reverse the trend of 80% workforce being expatriates…. ”

Adding, Mr Aboka was boastful that philosophy is a plus for studying UCC Law.

He also hinted that some foreign universities at places like China and Canada encourage arts students to apply for medical science post graduate programs due to the humanistic experiences studying arts comes with.

Although some students were opinionated about the stressful demand by the university, the lecturer maintained that it is a mechanism that prepares students to stay on top in the world market and during post-graduate studies.

The 2012/2013 batch of philosophy students has a semester more to successfully complete the program. 

By: Spencer Kwabena Boateng Mensah
TV3 News/Philosophy Student – UCC