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UCC SRC Elections to be Done Manually?

Barring any hitches in the foreseeable future, this year’s SRC elections, if organized, might be done manually, the Dean of Student of the University of Cape Coast, Prof. Kwaoh Edjah has suggested.

This, he said, was as a result of the challenges encountered by the University of Ghana (UG) SRC elections which were allegedly compromised even through e-voting system was adopted.

He said E-voting system has been the preferred choice of UCC over four years now but the gentleman whose software was used by UG was the same person contracted by UCC, hence the decision to go manual.

Prof. Edjah disclosed this when he was being interviewed on ATL FM weekly programme “a week on campus” on Saturday, April, 25, 2015.

The Dean of Students further indicated since the software has been alleged to be subject to compromise, therefore, to avoid any future disagreement over the authenticity of the e-voting system, the manual voting should be adopted.

He indicated that, following UG’s SRC elections dispute, he invited all SRC aspirants for this year’s elections to deliberate on the issue and out of the forty-eight (48) people who showed up, thirty-eight (38) of them opted for the E-voting system.

Only one person, he said, opted for manual voting whilst seven (7) people abstained from voting.

He however maintained that Hall Master and Hall Wardens of the various halls of residences met on the same issue and came to a unanimous conclusion that, to avoid any elections disputes, the manual voting system should be adopted.

The Dean said that, the Hall Masters/Hall Wardens were convinced that students have become litigants and therefore to avoid any doubts as far as the elections were concerned, the manual voting be adopted.

Drawing inferences from the outcome of the two bodies, the Dean of Students was of the view that manual voting is on top of the agenda now unless a compelling reason was given to counter that decision.