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UCC SRC Issues Statement on Shuttle Service


In a stakeholders meeting concerning the Shuttle Service in our school, the SRC raised various issues that students have with the shuttle system. These issues include but not limited to; the mistreatment of our disabled brethren, the rude attitude of drivers, reckless driving by some drivers, and the long time students spend in the car waiting for it to be full and take off.


(1) At the meeting, it was made very clear by the SRC that the mistreatment of our disabled brethen should stop. It should be noted that the disabled are entitled to board any shuttle for free. They are not to be charged.

(2) When a student boards the SRC bus shuttle at any point other than the station,especially VALCO, the person is supposed be exempted from payment. The SRC is working hard to ensure that this intervention extends to all other buses in the shuttle system.


(1) Very soon, some shuttle buses will be stationed at the diaspora especially around Ayensu and its environs. This will commence very soon. This has become necessary due to the growing population in the diaspora.

(2) The shuttle buses will also start running during the weekends. This will also commence as soon as possible. This is to ensure that the innocent student is not left unassisted during the weekends.

(3) A “No Queue” policy is being implemented to ensure that students do not waste so much time at the stations. Drivers are not to wait unreasonably till a bus is full before they take off.

The SRC Transport Committee has been taked to ensure the effectiveness and feasibiliy of the “No Queue” policy. The committee is also to ensure the smooth implementation of these new interventions and protection of the old.

The details of the Shuttle Service and the outcome of various meetings will be published on the various notice boards to better inform students.

In the case of any complaints concerning the shuttle, kindly refer them to the SRC Transport Committee Chairman.

Various improvements will be brought to our shuttle system. The SRC would do everything in its power to ensure that we have a better shuttle system.

Theophilus Sosi
SRC Public Relations Officer.

Stephen Amankwaa
SRC Transport Committee Chairman