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UCC: SRC Prez meets 2016/17 Presidential Candidates


The president of the University of Cape Coast(UCC) Students’ Representative Council(SRC), Mr.Francis K. Arthur, on Saturday, met the four SRC presidential candidates ahead of the April 7 elections.

The Candidates,certified by the Electoral Commission to contest the polls are:Messrs Dennis Larbi (Team Dennis),Theophilus Saki Sosi(Team Sosi), Albert Nuako(Team Steward) and Isaac Kojo Mensah(Team Democrat).

This Historic meeting, held in closed-door at Elimina Beach Resort, was an initiative of Mr. Arthur who is committed to uniting the students’ front as his topmost priority.

Mr.Arthur who spoke to the via phone, said that in the run-up to the SRC elections, it was necessary for him to bring the four candidates to the roundtable to discuss pertinent issues concerning the office they were aspiring to occupy.

Mr.Arthur, who has served the constitutionally required two terms in office as SRC president and due to complete his four year degree programme, noted that the candidates should use their campaign messages to unite the students’ front and not to divide it,adding among other things that,’The next SRC president must lead a united front.’

According to him, the SRC, under his tenure, had chalked significant gains in uniting the students’ front, so it was important that the candidates deepened the gains as they embark on their official campaigns from March 28 to April 6.

President Arthur,who will turn 24 in September this year, called on the candidates to educate their supporters on the need to do clean campaign devoid of insults, mudslinging, vilification, baseless rumours and vile propaganda, both on campus and on social media.

For their part, the candidates expressed joy at the honour the president had done them and promised to abide by the rules governing the polls,and support the candidate who will emerge as the winner of the April 7 polls.

The SRC president,who has been in office for two academic years, exchanged handshake with the candidates and took memorable pictures with them.

He described the two-hour dinner meeting as ‘successful’.

The candidates,according to Mr.Arthur, shared and laughed off some of the stories making rounds on social media about them.

The SRC President charged them not to dent any candidate’s integrity and reputation in particular,and the SRC at large.

He further asked them to preach the message of Unity among their teeming supporters.
“Let this election be a family affair, that will end up uniting us and making the student front stronger”. he advised.

The president is expected to hold a marathon meeting with the other Local NUGS and SRC candidates,especially the two SRC Secretary contenders,who are running neck-and-neck in the race after Easter Monday.