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UCC Student Co-Hosts Super Morning Show On Joy FM

A Level 200 student of the University of Cape Coast, Eric Vondee, on Friday, 13th February, 2015 co-hosted the Super Morning Show on Joy FM as the world celebrated World Radio Day.

Listeners of Joy FM were overwhelmed by these brilliant students from various schools who were presenting the morning show. The show was geared towards creating a medium for young people to also have a feel of Radio as the theme for this year’s World Radio Day was “Youth and Radio”.

Maureen Kyere, from Achimota Senior High School and Eric Vondee, from University of Cape Coast hosted the morning show, and was assisted by Albert Kofi Konadu from IPMC, Adubea Asante-Apeadu and Vanessa Plange both from Christ The King International School.

The show comprised of the News Segment, Newspaper review, Nutrition Line, “Big Stories” and Today’s Agenda. Eric Vondee presented the Business news of the News Segment with all eloquence and he discussed a bouquet of topics such as the power crisis facing the country, leadership and governance, relationship and the just-ended African Cup of Nations together with his colleagues on the show.

On the issue of power crisis, Eric Vondee said that the promise-and-fail syndrome by our managers and leaders of the country’s power sector must be halted. In leadership, he further stated categorically that Ghana has come a long way to have leaders who will serve and not to be served. He also spoke on relationship issues where he said, “There is no specific age to which one must date. One must be matured mentally, socially, financially and spiritually before one enters into a relationship with the opposite sex.”

Callers of the Super Morning Show lauded these students, especially Eric Vondee for their constructive discussions of the country’s problems and their solutions to these problems.