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UTAG Strike: ‘It is high time the Gov’t showed more seriousness in this matter’- USAG tells gov’t

The University Students Association of Ghana (USAG) has declared their worry concerning government inactions in resolving the demands of teachers stating in a press release on Monday that, “it is high time the government showed more seriousness in this matter”.

This follows as a result of the University Teachers Association of Ghana (UTAG) indefinite strike due to government’s failure to address its conditions of service.

According to USAG, University Teacher’s decision on embarking on strike do have a reason to lament was bone out of government’s unwillingness to address all issues brought on board.

“UTAG has had cause to complain on numerous occasions about the unwillingness on the part of the government to negotiate as demonstrated in the sending of representatives of Ministers who lack the authority to commit to any meaningful conclusions anytime these engagements come up,” it states.

However, “it is unacceptable and cannot and should not be allowed to continue,” the statement added.

In view of this, in the press release signed by the USAG President, Christian Philip Armah, wished to plead on equal terms with the government, UTAG, Student Representative Council(SRC), and its students in resolving this issue.

Among their request, government should negotiate with UTAG in anyway or form within the next two days in resolving any issue.

Also, it states that government of Ghana should practice what it preaches in fulfilling it promises.

They also appeal to the UTAG leadership to practice patience and consider the plight of students and withdraw, suspend, and call off the strike while they deal with the government on their demands.

Again, it admonishes all SRC leaders in all Universities and students to stay calm and focused on their studies while things are being put in place.

Moreover, USAG concludes saying it “will continue the fight till these issues are resolved.”