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Valco Guy Beats “Nkoso” Girlfriend

A Valco guy whose name has been withheld for obvious reasons, allegedly beat his SHS “Nkoso” girlfriend who had visited him over a sim card.

Last week, a blunder was committed by a vile male in the industrialist hall. Not many people can argue his action was correctly induced, but the fact remains plain.

His SHS girlfriend had visited him during the course of the week for the purpose of keeping in touch. One can’t estimate that, but we know that a peace stay was welcomed by all until the last days when his girlfriend hid his memory chip for reason unknown.

And as expected, searching drove this young man crazy like a harmattan bush fire. He threatened to drop his lady’s phone from the last floor of Valco’s “F” block on the count of three if he didn’t get his precious memory chip.

He was good on his threat but still insisted on his precious card. The lady now equally frustrated, demanded his phone back to facilitate an exchange. Arguments grew fierce as he locked the young lady in the room, gave her beatings and locked her in. Room mates interventions didn’t count as much as the lady didn’t want to give up on the power struggle.

What still can’t be understood is why the young lady hid the memory card. The possible answer could be that she wanted to know whether her “dear” boyfriend cherishes more. Herself or the memory card. We can only hope that she got an answer.

Effort by to pick thoughts of both sides proved futile as they all declined to give their side of the story.
Written by Lady Amma