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Water Shortage Hits Campus

Once again, the perennial water shortages has surfaced  with students of tthe University of Cape Coast queing at the few locations on campus that have water to fetch some for their bath and daily activities.

This morning, several sudents affiliated to Valco and Nkrumah hall had to leave their halls of residence to queue in order to have water to for their baths. The situation is so bad some students had to miss or report late for early morning lectures due to long queues.

Several students who spoke to expressed their frustration at the manner in which the university authorities have treated this problem over the period. They could not understand why this age old problem still persists in an academic environment.

“Since I have been here, there is always a time when we have to go through this problem and the university authorities careless about this” an obviously peeved final year student said to one of our reporters.

Water shortages have been a regular problem on campus with some halls acquiring polytanks to curb the consequences, however, a lasting solution is yet to be seen.