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We Need a Neutral Person to be Care-taker SRC Prez-UCC Dean of Students

The Dean of Student of the University of Cape Coast, Prof. Kwoah Edjah has indicated the his office need a neutral person to fill the void that has been created following the step down of erstwhile Ag SRC president, Francis Kwabena Arthur.

He believed the student front had been polarized by national partisan influence and therefore due diligence must be taken before someone could be appointed to fill the void.

Prof. Edjah said he vehemently opposed to any perceived member of any of the feuding parties to be made the interim leader.

Names of three people, he said, was presented to him by the SRC Executive Council to be considered for the void but after a careful scanning through of the names, he rejected those names.

“The student front would continue to be without a leader until the matter was fully resolved and peace was returned” he indicated.