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10 Most Common Reasons why Students Fail in UCC

The University is a place of freedom but comes with a lot of responsibilities and expectations. In as much as you value the amount of freedom you’ve got, you realize you have more responsibilities and must budget your time and money. You are expected to arrange your opinions logically and not just give facts. You are expected to motivate yourself and be responsible for knowing procedures, regulations and graduation requirements. You are required to think critically to solve problems and take initiative to make new friends and to resolve conflicts with people. You are exposed to different values, cultures, interests and religion and must learn to be tolerant and respectful of diversity. You will also be exposed to new ideas and expected to critique these ideas in a thoughtful way. You are also expected to get involved in the community, campus clubs, volunteer work and internships related to your major.

So you see, the freedom comes at a price. However, most of us take these opportunities for granted. This is a compilation of a survey on why students fail on UCC campus conducted by a team of Psychology students:

  • Poor study skills and habits
  • Lack of time management skills
  • Lack of preparation for the demands and requirements for University life
  • Inability to handle the freedom available in the University
  • Too much partying and over-engagement in social and religious activities
  • Lack of motivation or purpose
  • Failure to attend lectures regularly
  • Failure to ask for help especially from counsellor
  • Lack of effort and time spent in personal and group study
  • Failure to take responsibility for education: getting to know instructors (lecturers), knowing expectations, setting goals, understanding deadlines, making up tests and redoing papers

From these findings, success on campus and life as a whole is more dependent on positive attitude, motivation and effort than on inborn ability or intelligence. You will be more motivated to put in just a little bit of effort in studying when you feel that the goal is worth it. Higher education is an excellent investment. No one can take your education away from you, and it pays large dividends if you use it well.
You also have to be motivated to achieve success and excellence in school, work and in life. Motivation is the inner drive that moves you on track.

You may have skills, experience, intelligence and talent but you’ll accomplish little if you are not motivated to direct your energies toward specific goals.

Your education will give you the opportunity to choose what you want to do with your life.

Compiled by (The WILLPOWER Study team, Level 300 Psychology Students) made up of:

Koya, PAWA, Doris, Esenam, Honourable, Tina, Evelyn, Baresta and Kolynx