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3 Idiots: The Message We Fail To Decipher

Every Ghanaian who has watched the movie ‘3 Idiots’ will definitely smile and admit that it is an awesome movie whenever the title is mentioned. 

There is no doubt that this movie has a moving and fantastic storyline. One that will have a significant impact on you anytime you watch it. I watched this movie for the third time yesterday with a friend, Scorpio, and I learned something I have never realized. 


Rancho is the lead character and he constantly has problems with the educational system, something he believes produces only “machines”. 

There is, however, one actor who loves the system; Chatur! He is the exact opposite of Rancho. Chatur is great at memorizing long definitions and long essays without bothering to know the meaning not to talk of how to apply them. For him, being an Engineering student meant that he could only pass exams but not fixing generators nor producing touch lights. Does that ring a bell?

My friend asked me a question; do you know this movie has a message for Africans? Of course I didn’t know that and my response was swift. He smiled and asked, where did Chatur say he comes from? I quickly responded “Uganda”. Suddenly, it became clear to me what he meant.

How accurate the producers were in using someone from Africa (not necessarily from Africa but in the movie he is) to play such role! It was perfect. Chatur represents the educational system in Africa where we heavily rely on bookish definitions but can hardly apply a thing. We are encouraged to memorize and produce during exams and we are certain to receive awards for that. Those who cannot learn by rote are left frustrated like Joy (the student who committed suicide), the system doesn’t allow you any breathing space.

Chatur represents you and I; constantly hoofing and puffing to become first in our class rather than enjoying what we are being taught.  We do not care whether we understand or not once we pass our exams we are the heroes.

Until we learn to be like Rancho, we will never be our own bosses. We will continue to trumpet our peasant achievements. 

Our educational system does not allow us to do other things. Despite this, I promise I will not stop writing. You should not stop doing what you love to do.

Like Rancho, I will live every moment to the fullest. I am certainly do not dream to be like Chatur, it should not be your dream too.

Africa must be Rancho.

‘3 Idiots’ sent us a message about the flaws in our educational system. We may not have realized, but it certainly gives us some solutions we can use to build Africa. Africa must be Rancho.

I am an African.

Written by 

‪Cosmos‬ Saviour Ansah

Student, UCC