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An Open Letter To The VC – A Gift For The Brother Of The Prodigal Sons of UCC on Easter

Image result for university of cape coastI write this letter with a heart filled with a mixture of feelings. This time around, not only because of Jesus Christ’s crucifixion and his rising on the third day but for my prodigal brothers who are suffering in the land of the predator called RUSTICATION.

I have been pondering over the rustication of students of our University this academic year. Then came Shakespeare’s voice reminding me of his saying, “The pow’ r I have on you is to spare you, the malice towards you, to forgive you”. I smiled feeling that this quote might save our situation and some affected colleagues in our reputable university. Permit me to move from the realm of too much officiality and refer to you as ‘Daddy’.

Daddy, sitting down to ponder over the above situation, my eyes were soaked with tears. The reason for these tears is not for the punishment meted out to our friends but for their future. I prayed that, the pain they might be going through now should not cause UCC to record any case of suicide as happened in our sister universities. Thinking deeply, my thoughts fell on what these brothers will be doing during their period of absence. My heart shook because the answers were deafening to my ears. Shortly, we will be wasting talents and their future all in the name of punishing them. Punishment, I think is meant to cause a behavioural change in people who have gone wayward and not to in anyway destroy their beautiful future.

Daddy, I am fully convinced that the name RUSTICATION alone, has preached some good to the hearts of these fellows and if given another chance, they will make our university proud. Daddy, I pray you not to waste the future of these young ones to the predator called RUSTICATION. Like the father of the prodigal son in the gospel according to Luke 15:24, I pray you to similarly pardon these young ones and take them back as your children. I feel their remorse in my heart.  Therefore, look not on the cause of their rustication but like Shakespeare, let your malice towards them be forgiveness.

Looking from a distance afar, I can see my brothers suffering on the land of RUSTICATION and their return home is all I ask from you Daddy. I entreat you to take a bold step to forgive my brothers and call them back to their studies so that their future will not be wasted. 

This is the only gift I ask of you on Easter. As Christ dies and rises to take away our sins, so do I urge you to forgive my brothers and accept them back.

I hope my gift will be granted.

Counting on your kind heart.

Thank you.

Yours faithfully,

The brother of your prodigal sons.

By: Abdul Karimu Yahaya | University of Cape Coast