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An Open Letter To UCC Students

Image result for university of cape coast“DON’T FALL FOR FAKE AND FRAUDULENT RESULT HACKERS”

I extend my warmest greetings to the University of Cape Coast Community, and continuously show my humblest appreciation for the opportunity to Lead the Student front for the 2014 to 2016 academic years as SRC President.

But, today permit to interrogate the minds of the student front on a very important and topical issue, which most students have fallen victim to. But because the opportunities have not come for a serious discussion and eye opening on these issues, most students are confused and are still lured into this FRAUD.


In this piece, I will be very blunt and plain, in revealing some very serious information I have gathered over the years just to advice all persons who have been approached by such fraudulent persons not to allow themselves to be duped.

Over 19 students who have fallen victim to this evil fraud, have shared their ordeal with some of us, and I think this is the perfect opportunity to share same with the entire University Community.

Over the years, these persons who claim to be part of the university system and work for the administration, have capitalized on the painful emotions of innocent students and painfully collected very huge sums of money from such students with the aim of changing their results.

This act occurs mostly between March to September, that is before graduation, during the end of the academic calendar. At a perfect time, when some students are faced with very poor academic performance.

Mostly, FINAL YEAR STUDENTS, are victims of such scams.

Interestingly, these fraudulent persons act with the help of some STUDENTS. These ‘student agents’ are those they have contracted to link them to potential “student clients”. So, you will always have one or two persons in your class who will start the discussion on this, and go all length to convince you that the act is possible.

They go through all manner of attempts to produce someone’s results and do editing to back their claim that they can hack and change your results too.

They claim they work at the administration or work with some powerful and influential persons at the administration who aid them with their evil exercise.

And to convince their potential ‘student Clients’ that they are part of the administration, they arrange with their ‘student agents’ and meet their clients around the administration. The University administration is an open place to a host of Visitors and the fact that you meet someone coming out of there doesn’t mean he or she works there.

They charge as much as GHC 10,000 from some STUDENT POLITICAL ASPIRANTS, who spend a lot of their time pursuing political ambitions and suffer academic loses. For normal student, based on your financial strength, they charge between GHC 1500 to GHC 5000 for a 2ND CLASS UPPER DIVISION.
1ST CLASS is GHC 15,000. Strangely and sadly SOME STUDENTS PAY.

I don’t blame our students who have fallen victim. Fear, pressure and academic depression can cause a lot of people to take actions they never wanted to. Even some try suicide, as in the case of the KNUST Student.
Justice, one of the student victims, had to steal GHS 6000 from his father to settle these fraudster, and after he realised he has been duped, he nearly committed suicide.

Students have fallen victim to this, and some of them who spoke to me, are very much afraid to even report their challenge to the appropriate authority, simply because the venture was a fraudulent one.

Last year, and the years before, they duped a lot of students. And I know they will continue with same. Every year, they come in a different identity, different names and different contacts. This is why it is extremely difficult to put out some names and contacts that I have to guide you.

Don’t pay any money for result alteration, it cannot be done. Don’t be deceived. And if you have made any payment, do your best to report to the police and help for these persons to be arrested.

I have given a lot of information to the campus police station, and I hope they will pursue this issue. REPORT if you have made any payment or in the process to.

To all students, please take your academic work seriously and ALWAYS BE PROUD OF YOUR RESULTS. Use the University’s laid down procedure to seek redress if you are dissatisfied with your results and DON’T pay to any one to change your results for you.

IT IS so sad and very worrying. Please let’s all put our hands on the wheel to save someone.


I wish to use this opportunity to also congratulate the NEW SRC LEADERSHIP headed by the giant in student leadership, TONY ARTHUR and GRACE. Please consolidate the gains we have made on the student front, I have know doubt in my mind that you will deliver to the admiration of all.

Congratulations to all final year Students, and I wish you all well.

God Bless you all.

UCC, veritas nobis lumen…