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An Open letter to University Girls, Enough of the Dress Assassination!

Imagine watching a movie together with your parents and suddenly a sex scene appears on the screen, the next thing to happen is to see your Dad tapping his hands everywhere searching for the remote control to change the channel. And as he searches for it, you the child will deliberately start fidgeting with your phone and your Mum will probably start clearly her throat and may even send you for a cup of water. At that moment, you could smell the discomfort the sex scene has brought to the family. On a sharp contrast in the Western world, a parent could be bold enough to give his son contraceptives like condom when leaving the son alone at home. The sharp difference in the two scenarios tells us how rich our culture is as Africans.

Frankly speaking, the dressing of some ladies on campus nowadays is very tormenting, provoking and an insult to the value of womanhood. Their dresses are very tormenting and sexually stimulating that once you set your eyes on them, even if Pope Francis is your mentor, your sexual libido will automatically be activated to astronomical leap. There is a particular skinny trousers that some ladies on campus wear which once you approach them from their front or behind, it gives a clear shape and a pictorial outlook of the height, length, breadth and magnitude of their p***y and a**, sorry I nearly mentioned the name. My sincere apology to any potential Roman Father reading this piece. It is very pathetic, annoying and an insult to the moral standards of women. At least once you wear such trousers, put on a shirt that will cover those sensitive and highly valuable parts of your body.

Trust me, every valuable thing on this earth is never exposed, the gold is hidden, our precious jewelries and money are often times hidden. Once you expose your breast and any sensitive part of your body, you are invariably telling the world that you have no value and self-respect. Education is not only about memorization and certificates; it includes the molding of good character and the change of hearts and mind. I see some ladies on campus and I begin to ask myself, are these the Mother Theresas and Yaa Asantewaas of our generation?

There is this particular girl in my class who was born and bred in Netherlands and she dresses so decently that once you set your eyes on her, you may be tempted to think about nothing else than marriage but unfortunately you meet ladies who were born and brought up in say, Twabidi or Odonkorkrom NO 2, not even NO 1, and are supposed to know better about the value of an African woman and our rich culture but they rather expose their bodies to the full glare of the public in the name of looking sexy. Such Nonsense . Some of them put on very short skirts and nickas to deliberately expose their thighs which most often times look like the thighs of “Jerusalem grasshoppers.”

I am sorry if you think I am being too harsh but the fact is, we Africans have our moral values imbedded in our culture and once we begin to adopt the entire culture of the Western countries, it takes us back to slavery and begging. We must cherish and preserve what we have. Our religion, Christianity abhors indecent dressing. And to those ladies who dress very decently, keep it up and try to educate your other colleagues who do the contrary. God bless university girls… alas enough of the dress assassination because “we are not children of a lesser god”.

The writer is a student of the University of Ghana