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Campus Teasers and their Semantic Implications

PACESETTER: I have been training with Usain Bolt so that when I chop ur money, I will run and you won’t catch me. My pace be too much.

KOSTODIAN: i am the best watchman for UCC. I go guide and guard your money well; not even 10p will get missing. If 10p get missing, then I used it for pure water


EMANCIPATOR: I was one of those who helped to abolish the slave trade and i’ve realised you are all intellectual slaves. If u vote for me,i will change the location of UCC. How can you set up a university at the heart of slave trade and colonialism?

SOLDIER OKOTOLIWA: Attention!! Have you ever seen a military base in Cape Coast before?! No wonder armed robbers are fooling!! if I come into office, I will deploy the 64th Infantry Batallion to patrol 24/7!! if you like fool..

ASTARLAVISTA: All I will want to do is to establish an international airport in Cape Coast with daily flights to Spain.

LANSON: that is my father’s name.

THE VOICE: UCC boys can’t sing. No wonder they find it hard to grab. If you vote for me, I will teach you how to use your voice and sing

ASEMPA: I want to help propagate the gospel. If you vote for me, I will organize daily morning devotions and church services.

SPIRITUAL: If you can’t grab, it’s a spiritual matter. if lecturer grabs your girl,it’s a spiritual matter. If you are getting E in chains,it’s a spiritual for me so that we deal with the evil forces in UCC..amen

hmmmm…now you know wat they are telling you…