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CORRUPTION is the reason why the African’t Dream.

In Africa, most dreams don’t become realities;
Rather, they become tragedies.
Corruption wrecks the very fabric of our economy.
So, I’m never surprised that we live in poverty;-
Dying of cholera and only reacting to flooding in a 21st century.

Let’s look at the statistics:
About 70% of Africans can’t afford a 3-square meal;
1 in 8 people go to sleep hungry;
23 million children go to school with their stomachs empty;
About 5 million people die of hunger in some countries like Somalia and Burundi;
And, thousands are displaced in Accra or die from drowning annually.
I’m tempted to add that 99.9% of African leaders are greedy.
(But, I won’t, for the sake of safety)
(So, let’s pretend you didn’t hear any of that from me)

But, honestly, let the truth be told:
I’m talking about all those people who get into positions of authority through unfair and foul means.
I’m talking about the people who engage in connections, omissions, approximations, misappropriations, additions, subtractions, and multiplications,
Just to satisfy their personal gratifications,
At the expense of our dear nation.
I have a simple question for them…
Or let me say it’s an appeal…
Where lies your moral accountability?
Has your life become any better through the bribery?
What you fail to realise is that money is just a currency.
No matter how much of it you make, it will always be in scarcity.
On the other hand, what you can always have is family, community, society, country, and integrity.
These are what you and I can stand for so that we can give hope to posterity.

Now, I hope you didn’t just read (listen) to this as any spoken word piece,
Because, it is an advocacy device.
I’m urging you and me to choose virtue over vice.
Not just choose, but practise.
Because, it is only through practice that good intents suffice.
So, no matter what, don’t let money get you enticed.
Always remember what Proverbs says:
‘Bread gained by deceit is sweet to a man,
But, afterwards his mouth will be full of gravel.’
If that verse doesn’t rebuke the devil,
Then please, look back at the statistics.
You will realise that corruption kills more people than HIV or Ebola.
Corruption is a cancer.

It is only when it is cured that the flag of GHANA and Africa can fly.
So, let’s nip it in the bud like a housefly.

Let’s promise on our honour to make elimination of corruption our AFRICAN DREAM.

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