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Educational Weapon Released on Students in the Form of E-learning Tool


The management of the University of Cape Coast amidst the crisis following the outbreak of the novel Coronavirus pandemic several countries not excluding Ghana have put up measures to fight this enemy have released an EDUCATIONAL WEAPON called E-LEARNING in the quest to respond to the directives of the President and Educational Minister.I am very humble to submit to you that the President of Ghana H.E Nana Addo Dankwa Akuffo and his administration with the wisdom from God has really done very well in dealing with the virus.The President of the Republic His Excellency Nana Addo Dankwa Akuffo Addo on Sunday 15th March,2020 addressed the nation on the measures his administration was taking to contain the spread of the virus. As part of the measures,he announced the closure of all educational institutions basics, secondary and tertiary institutions both public and private.

The National Council for Tertiary Education (NCTE) was then tasked to ensure that all tertiary institutions roll out an E-learning platforms to ensure the continuation of academic activities . On the 31st of March,2020 the University of Cape Coast Management through the SRC deployed an E-Learning communique.The Third paragraph of the communique stated “the platform is not for teaching and learning activities but for lecturers to upload slides for students to get access to them to study”.

To begin with,It has come to the notice of some concern students that this E-Learning platforms are now serving students with online quizzes which contradict the communique released on 31st March ,2020 paragraph 3. It has also come to the notice of the students that Management is not stable with the date for the E-Learning.Though students have been informed that the E-Learning platform has been fully deployed hence students should access it,most of the courses have not yet been uploaded yet some are writing quizzes online. This development has however raised serious concerns among students the efficiency and effectiveness of the system.

Secondly,it is wise to know that management at the moment has not been able to provide the channels and means through which the E-learning could be materialised; whether it will take the form of ‘video conferences, creation of YouTube channel or the creation of WhatsApp’ platforms for the students to access.

Thirdly,some students in localities where internet connection is poor and also those who can’t afford to purchase internet bundle everyday stand to be disadvantaged.

To conclude with, since the E-Learning requires internet connections,I strongly believe that there will be pressure on the system which might also deprived individuals who will encounter such problems.

I therefore call on the university management to engage the SRC of the University to take the necessary actions to ensure that students can have access to the E-Learning program so that they can take part completely in all the academic activities. I plead on management to do broader and extensive stakeholders engagement regarding the E-learning program in order to achieve the ultimate goal of the program because other sister Universities in Ghana are facing the same challenges.

By: Emmanuel Addo (Advocate)
A Concerned Student
Student Activist
Level 400
University of Cape Coast