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Gov’t Should Employ and Deploy Clinical Psychologists to Help Disaster Victims

In the melee of the sad event that hit our nation last Wednesday, a lot of commendable efforts, remedies, interventions, and reliefs have been provided.

But, as a Budding Psychologist, I want to draw attention to a key concern..the PSYCHOLOGICAL HEALTH of the bereaved; survivors and their families; and the multitudes who have been displaced. DISASTERS ARE A MAJOR CAUSE OF TRAUMA.

And, unresolved trauma stands to yield a lot more consequences such as Depressions, Phobias, Suicides, and Panic Attacks. Looking at the gravity of losses and the degrees of burns suffered by some of these unfortunate victims, it would be eternally impossible for most of them to return to normalcy ( at their work environments, homes, etc).

Projecting into the future, suicides, depression, loss of self-esteem among other psychological threats are sure to heighten amongst these individuals.

On this score, I plead with appropriate bodies that CLINICAL PSYCHOLOGISTS are immediately employed and deployed to provide the requisite therapies to aid in a catalytic recovery for our beloved brethren.

In the end, what good would it be for one to survive, and never to thrive? It becomes like a Final Destination. ‪

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