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Hey, Mr. Freshman…

Hey there… My name is Hafiz Laryea and I’m already a student here. Congratulations on your admission into the university of Cape Coast. I’d like to share a little secret with you. (Oh, if you’re a continuing student, you probably have had this experience). Every year when the admission list is released, I find myself at the admission portal to check the list (ask, for what? Coz it’s not like I know any new applicant). I’d first input my surname in to the search box and toggle through the list to see how many freshmen bear my last name. (Usually, they’re less than 4) 


Surprisingly, I’d sit for close to 20 minutes just looking at their names and programmes admitted into. (Don’t ask. I’m not foolish. I know there’s a reason I’d stare at the names. Perhaps, I just can’t tell the reason now). Before I’d leave the page, I’d make sure I’ve searched through the list for some of the names of my friends. Today,  as I sat to check this year’s list, as usual, I sat looking at those bearing my surname for more than the usual 20 minutes. It all of a sudden occurred to me, I may have found the reason I check the list anually. (You may be right to think  I wish i was just admitted,like you). I said to myself, “look! Over 4000 applicants got in. (I know you’re excited becauseyou’re one of those) and your folks will be proud of you as well. 


Remember, your folks are putting you through college for a reason. (so, at least, you would be ‘someone’ in future. Above that, never forget, society expects that you return to make it better. This is the basic responsibility Ghana expects from you. Whatever discipline you’ve been admitted into, pursue it to the best of your ability. Bsc, BA, BAF, MGT Stud, Commerce, name them… We need you all. None is better. (Besides, you’ll all read comm skills). Engage yourself in activities that will enrich you and project your potentials for the task ahead. I cannot promise you of a challengeless journey at UCC. They will definitely come your way, as has been the case since time immemorial. I still ask myself, over 4000 others have been admitted in to various other tertiary institutions across the country, if everyone fulfilled their responsibility towards their societies, we will be on the right track.


Three years of checking the list has taught me a lot. First, sometimes you just have to keep pushing till you arrive at a meaningful result. Also, there may be so much knowledge in what you may think is foolish.


The university if full of ‘freedom’ but remember, what actually excites you the most is usually what actually ‘kills’ you – all the parties, the big shows and all. It is said that when a person has trekked a particular path and he advises you regarding it, it will be prudent on your part to take heed because experience they say, is the best teacher. Some of us have regretted that we’ve wasted so much of our time on campus engaging in virtually, ‘nothing’. (Continuing students, admit it! Most of us wait till last minute). Three or 4 years down the line, we say to ourselves, ‘if I had led such and such a life…’ 


Oh, it’s like I’m talking too much. (Sorry, hehe). It’s very necessary. Anyways, welcome to the University of Choice. Grab the opportunities. Make the most of your time (it runs so fast. In fact, it flies. You’ll never be able to catch it.) Like it is said, “the heights that great men reached and kept was not attained by sudden flight”. Get out there and persue your dreams. Invest your time into positive adventures. Join associations that will enhance your potentials. (Like, Campus Volunteer Foundation. We reach out to society through volunteerism). Always remember, Ghana needs you to get better.


I hope these few words serve as an inspiration to me first, and to you all.



Written by,

Hafiz Laryea

B.A. Arts