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How Bad Is 4:0?

Growing up, I always wanted to get into the university, pass out with a better class, acquire a decent job and have a cute little family. If you would remember, back in High School, teachers usually told us to study hard and make it to the university and we’ll be free, enjoy ourselves and free ourselves of the High School stress.

I must say that having spent a few years in the university, even though it comes with it’s privileges, there’s a whole part of intense pressure and not like how we took imageries of it as we were told in High School (more so when in UCC). Have you ever encountered asking yourself if you playing 4:0, most especially when you are in 400? I do not really see how people can make a fuss out of this. So I ask, which is best, “grabbing” on campus or otherwise. Opinions are quite diverse on this particular issue, varying from person to person with the majority of people wanting to grab on campus.

How many relationships that root from the universities stem in to marriage? A mediocre number if you care to know. Yet, friends can make mockery of you for not having a partner. It’s a depressing situation. People think of this and end up with wrong people and they actually end up more depressed before they find Mr./Mrs. Right. Why rush into a ship that has a higher probability of sinking before getting to your destination. I don’t see any peculiar need after all “if you rush, you crush”, as my roomie always said.

More of such campus relationships end up as a fun fling because such partners may have known each other, had fun (enjoyment and sex as it’s the norm these days) and may no more be interested in each other thereby initiating a break up of a long time and resource wasting relationship.

Since ladies mature faster than guys, most people get into relationships without considering such vital point. It happens such that after graduation, as they were of the same age and level, mostly the ladies say “I’m growing and I need to get married” while the guys aren’t ready coz they have to settle down before thinking of marriage. So there’s a break up and both parties find their way.
There’s certainly a fraction of people who do not get into campus relationships for fear. I realized this as I asked a couple of guys who told me “go and check your bank account and before you ask such a question. Your ATM card is in the best position to answer you”. Clearly there are people who do not get into campus relationships for fear of being duped.

However, there are most girls out there who have graduated without partners and still searching. I have had people tell me that it’s quite difficult to find someone after school, especially ladies go through the toughest of such situations. When every future conscious  lady would want to get married soon after graduation and start a family, who would risk beginning her search after school? It is quite evident that hardly a large number of partners from school make it up to marriage.

Somebody once told me that if you cannot make a good class, try to bring a good woman home by the end of your 4 year stay in the university. Well, “the best and optimal place is during your university days, but the truth is that nearly 98% relationships that start in school don’t travel beyond two years after school. To increase your chance of success, spot someone while you are in school, probably someone below your level with a reasonable age difference and ask her out” as said by a colleague. It may work for you, but then if it doesn’t, there’s no rush. You going to find him/her anyway. So whether you “grab” in level 200 or 400 or not at all doesn’t really matter. 4 – Nil is not your GPA.

As written by Hafiz Laryea