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How I Wish Every Day is Sunday on Campus

There is this popular saying that my English Teacher taught me way back in the Junior High School which goes like “if wishes were horses beggars could ride” as a little boy in my teen years I did  really consider the meaning of that statement. I that I was interested was to get the contextual meaning in order to pass my examination. Little did I know that I will be faced with a situation that will refer me back to my English Teacher favorite expression?

For sometime now, I have been monitoring the way our ladies dress on campus during Sundays as compared to Weekdays. Due to where I stay on campus I get the opportunity to watch most ladies as they troop in to Casford field every Sunday. When you look at the kind of dresses that these ladies will wear, one get the conviction that Sunday should never end. At least on Sundays our Ladies will put something that is decent and appealing to the eye. Also the extent to which they will design their face is minimal. Thus on Sundays one can get the courage to look straight into the eye of a colleague female and talk to her.

However, the unexpected happens when the week starts. During weekdays our ladies will know put on a different character as if they were not the one in that decent dress last Sunday. This time round they will take their time to do all the paintings on their face and appears more horror than the most horrible creature in the world, put on the most explicit form of dressing that you can think off. There was one of this days that I nearly called of our ladies a whore because of her dressing. To me it appears the ladies have adopted a chameleon way of living where they will turn this campus to a holy grounds on Sundays and then reverse it to a night club during weekdays where they can put on all manner of dressing causing physcological torture to guys on campus. No wonder a guy will sit behind a lady during lectures and at the end of the end the guy will go to his hostel empty headed

If it were left to me alone I then what I will wish for is that every day is Sunday. Because at least I will be able to see the natural beauty of our ladies, I will get the courage to speak to them. But as I have indicated earlier, “If wishes were horses then beggars could ride”.

I shall return
Jeklys Appiah-Kubi