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In Memory of Prof. J.E.A Mills

My heart is heavy as I look back with teary eyes, solace is a friend I have come to cherish. It’s two years in its exact when the storms struck and left in its destruction pain we wish to forget.

It uprooted a tree; a very great tree, a crater boasts at the spot where it once stood. Game which fed near it are shrinking in hunger. Cute ones which lay under it for shade are now under jiggered boots.

They still wail; the adults sob the wish that someday, they will raise from the gloomy scene of a nightmare, we shall rise from the gloom and destitution, we will smile again; yes we will! We will smile at the sunset.

We are rekindled and will keep up the flame, a flame of hope the oak left us. Your legacy lives, Prof. J.E.A Mills.

Written by:
Gideon Korku Abotsi
(Written. 22nd July, 2014)
(Published: 24th July, 2014)