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Every semester i make resolutions and enact new plans to surge higher in my grades. Mostly the dropping of results into the students” portal prompts me to quickly formulate plans and direct the landing of my GPA. Funny thing is, each semester when i make plans to improve, i end up having a derailed results at the end. The next semester, i go ahead to make new ones anyway and by ‘the law of expectancy’ i end up having a more poorer results when it is  released again.


I thought i was alone in the web of constant poor results despite making resolutions , but when i had a heart -heart chat with my roommate one night, i realized i was not alone. The truth is i prayed, i fasted and i learnt yet the same was the results. In fact i understood what was taught at lectures and all that but it appeared i was not a making any headway. 

So last semester as i sat down to make new resolutions , something caught my  attention. I realized all the resolutions i made prior to that semester was just unrealistic….in fact they were  just not achievable. i realized i was too ambitious to get the very best despite my tortoise-like approach to learning.So i had to review my tactics, aims,approaches and time allocations. AND GUESS WHAT, MY RESULTS ARE BLOOMING..

So dear reader, as we begin this semester, i wish you well. The question i however want to ask you is to make resolutions for the semester. This will aid you to direct the landing of your g pa. And when you do , ensure that it is S.M.A.R.T…..






good-luck and best of wishes……