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Official Letter to Our Ladies


Dear Ladies,

I’m writing this with great passion and love, in the midst of some negative trends that seems to be roaring its ugly head into our society today. For me it’s very much of a concern cos it’s gradually becoming normal, but then what i have observed about life is that, When falsehood is persistently told and practiced, It somehow turns to be truth and the norm. Deceit is trying to find a seat in our minds and i think it’s very dangerous for our future. The earlier it’s curbed, the better it would be for us all. I will try as much as possible to do away with the bible quotations, to make you understand that it’s not a religious issue but common sense.

In recent times, we’ve had several girls busted and fallen victim to the now popular sex tape and nude pic scandal. It comes up very often and high becoming the order of the day. This gives me an impression of how little minded and careless ladies are getting.

Before we proceed, i would like to build some premises.
One principle we must understand in life is that, Whatever action we take is not an action of isolation. Every action has a reaction. Every decision we take has it’s equivalent consequence.

We must also understand that love does not mean foolishness. Well, I think people might argue me out with this but again it’s an opinion. I think when we begin to understand and know that love has a lot to do with our psyche, hence the mind, we would appreciate that it’s possible to think rationally in love and we will practically become very circumspect about the things we do all in the name of love.

Also, the fact that something is highly becoming the order of the day does not make it right or normal.
Having made the above premises, I would first of all want to express sadness about how your dignity is being trample upon lately. The very thing that give you pride and value seems no longer important to you.
I’m so worried about you girls cos you are allowing guys take your dignity for granted. Sex seems to be the basics of our relationships. Every relationship demands that. The funny thing is that, these relationships don’t last. After a break up, one hurriedly wants to find herself in another.

My sister, if you don’t take care, the number of sex partners you would have within your life time would be so uncountable. Some have already hit the 100’s. Would you be proud of yourself in the future, looking back at the life you have lived? When you rise up to a certain pedigree in life, would you be happy that many can point negative hands at you?

Today, at the mention of the name of some girls, every guy knows them. Not for any good reason, but sex. You are so popular for the wrong reason. Everyone knows you are cheap and not disciplined with your sexuality, and so the people who come into your life are not serious. They only come to experience what they have heard.

I don’t quite understand you ladies of today. It looks as if dignity is now of no value to you. You have practically become nothing except for one thing, Sex. I was so surprised when I heard a woman admit that, sex is the only importance of women.

If even you think that’s your only value, can’t you preserve dignity in that? In the midst of extreme possibility you still somehow try to convince yourself that it can’t happen to you. That’s foolishness. May be you have not sat down to weigh the possibilities yourself. Let me help you.

In the first place, What makes taking nude pics of yourself important? What’s the essence of videoing yourself having sex? I think we humans are only being unnecessarily, foolishly and unreasonably curious about these things.
What happened to morals? What happened to wisdom?? We look up to the westerners for everything and have copied blindly their ill moral values they themselves are battling with. I thought we learn from people doing better than us? How come we are learning from them regarding morality, when they have actually lost it all together.

They lost it when they started to take out parental control in children up bringing.
I don’t know if you guys are gradually getting interested in acting pornography. You guys are now shameless. You can’t even respect your own self, I just don’t get it. Even in privacy, you should respect yourself. What is all this slutty behaviour you want to assume?

Yes you might be enjoying yourself, you might really be exploiting your sex life and all that. But are you willing to trade your dignity and image for shame and disgrace??? I know you can trust yourself about the safety of these pictures and videos, but can you trust the recipient?? Today he is your boyfriend, have you thought about tomorrow?? Have you thought about the potential challenges that your relationship might encounter, which might cause a stupid irreversible action as a result of anger?? If even you can trust yourself and your man, can you trust where his phone will be?? Can you trust who will get hold of it, or even yours? Have you thought of the tendency of it being stolen?

Love does not mean don’t think. Being responsible is making calculated decisions, prudence is counting the cost of your actions and be disciplined enough to go by them. Be wise in everything. I can’t tell you not to have sex cos it obvious you won’t listen, but at least save yourself the possible shame. We must think from the future into the present to guide the steps we take today. Would your child be proud of your actions you took in the past??

All you are concerned about is present pleasure.
Being morally upright is common sense. I don’t know whether it’s deliberate foolishness or Naivety. I know some are insulting me as they read, but you, don’t listen! think that it’s far away from you, and when your time comes, you would remember this and say had i know. That’s the statement of fools.

A wise man thinks before he acts. A prudent man looks at the possible effects of his action before he takes them. A wise man doesn’t learn only from his experiences, but learns primarily from the experiences of others. Why wait to get into something like this before you start thinking. Common sense should tell you, it can happen to you. You are not more careful in securing these things than those who have already been busted, only that your time has not come. I bet you, most of those who have found themselves in such a situation are most likely not to repeat that. Reality hit them and they now saw the possibility of it happening. Some are still living in the emotional tremor till now. Never think some of these things are far away from you. It’s just a second away. I used to think of how far It seemed until it happened to someone I personally knew. Forget about the locks on your phone, you cannot trust that. smart phones have become very sophisticated. Save yourself shame.

People who come across these things and make them public are definitely not doing the right thing. I will always condemn it. It’s not important and wickedness, but you see my dear ladies, you can’t control what people would do with your nudity when they get hold of it, but you can control it being taken. If you have not taken it, there is nothing to show or leak.

Today you girls have reduced your value to sex objects. Nothing more, probably much less. Prostitution is highly practiced, especially in our tertiary institutions. Girls sleep with men for various reasons. Giving very nice and convincing reasons to justify their action. The difference between you and the woman who stands by the road side is that, theirs is a profession, and yours is probably a hobby, but there is no difference in what it’s called. Prostitution is simply trading sex for money or any material gain( sex trade). What you are doing fits perfectly into the definition. If you have ever or are having sex with someone because of money or any material gain, may I announce to you that you are no less than a prostitute, only that you might not know. The reason why men cannot stop taking you guys for granted is because most of you have lived with a certain mentality that, you cannot achieve financial success without the help of a man. In our certain, we somehow think a successful woman is one who has found a successful man. You are always finding reasons to go lie in the bed of men. It’s always about money. If you think like that, you are like a hungry mouse who is seeking food. It sees opportunity to get food, but the food is on a trap (kwakwe last stop). Majority of mice would go in for the food in the midst of danger. It goes for food and meets his death. The pressure is very high in school, I admit, but not all opportunities are blessings. Not all source of money is worth seeking. I’ve always said, success is not cheap. If you want it cheap, you would have to sell valuable assets (eg. dignity) to get it. The problem is that, most of you are not cutting your cote according to your size. Most of you guys are trying to live some kind of elevated lifestyle. Much of the pressure is coming from your own extravagant life pursuits. What i don’t even seem to understand is that, you want to live a certain life, but you don’t know how to make money to live it. Don’t be in the habit of giving excuses for the wrongs you do. Wrong is wrong. Seek to do what is right as though there is no other option. Respect you dignity. Today you don’t see the essence of preserving your dignity, but the future is waiting for you. Remember that your physical beauty has an expiry. Don’t expect to be given value when u mess up this valuable time. Don’t let your beauty turn to be a curse for you.

I know myself, I’m not perfect. I have my own battles to deal with, but it would be dangerous for me to normalize it in ma mind. To convince myself that its nothing really. Everybody does it.
Wrong cannot be made right cos everybody accepts it. My speaking about this in my own flaws does not make me a hypocrite. It encourages me to strive to perfect my life. I’m always striving to be a better person. I’ve been stupid at my actions sometimes, but what I never did was to convince myself that its nothing. I’m always being frank with myself and I think it’s helping me.

Those who will insult me for telling you the truth should continue being in foolishness. Continue taking those pictures and videos, your time would come very soon. Those who have ears should take a clue and not wait to have your turn of disgrace before you think. My fellow Guys, if you love your woman, help them preserve their dignity and image. Don’t be selfish. The nude pics and videos are not important, you cannot secure it for them. When issues like this come up, they suffer the most. Don’t be selfish thinking about your pleasure only.
I cannot end this without telling you about my Master whose life i look up to. The one who has helped me in building so much values and principles for myself. His name is Jesus. If you will allow him to take control of you, your life can be very beautiful.

I hope we live in healthy relationships with wisdom as our guide. Take care of yourselves and always take decisions without ignoring the possible effects. God bless you!! I’m out.

Sincerely yours,