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Please, Save us from this Agony

David Banaaleh
Nowadays, it is much easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for students of the University of Cape Coast to access washrooms of the various Lecture theatres. Thus, “Free Range” is now the order of the day as students have to compete with dangerous reptiles like snakes for space in the nearby bushes to free themselves.

As to what might have necessitated the locking up of the washrooms, only God knows. All the same, some may want to implicate the so called acute water problems in the Central Region in recent times. Excuse me, such stories should be told to the marines. Can’t we just think outside the box? The authorities could have anticipated this and put some contingency measures in place such as providing standby water containers in all washrooms in order to ameliorate the suffering and trauma that students, invigilators and lecturers are confronted with. 

As a budding Psychologist coming from the psychoanalytic point of view, it is conspicuously clear that all examinations are usually characterized by some stress resulting from conflict between the id, the ego and the superego. This is largely reduced through removal of some metabolic waste from the system such as urine, sweat, “natural gas” and faces, in order to prepare the human organism for flight or fight responses.

It is therefore, not surprising to find candidates during examinations visit the washrooms frequently. Yes, just like providing candidates with furniture, stationery, guidelines and even, invigilators, contingency measures should equally be put in place to cater for their physiological needs. 

The right to basic needs and care is fundamental and hence students cannot more be compelled to withhold and retain urine and faces especially during a crucial period like examinations. The time to act is now, for a stitch in time saves nigh! UCC deserves better! Students deserve better!!

Thanks. God richly bless you all in your exams.