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Simple Living

Since, civilization, man has been influenced in all aspects of his life by riding tides. Living big and extra – ordinary, the shout of the day, especially for university students. But is living big really the answer.

In this article you’re going to discover a new concept of living a minimalist life that is just about right for you. Like Sandra Cunha says “It is living a beautiful life and nothing more… and nothing less”. Until recently, many persons had the notion that different was ugly and impractical. What our race refused to understand was that, different is good and powerful. And by assurance. I don’t mean arrogance or lordliness. Simplicity in more ways than one, equates being different.

Simple living encompasses a number of different voluntary practices to simplify one’s life style. Discover the art of living well without living wastefully. Cutting down and extra cost like unbudgeted purchases, try and error financial games, and intensive gadgets that only sit in your locker, unnecessary trips to the saloon and barber shops. These create serious dents in your resource. Here is the reason for our uncoerced spending.

Our attraction to the American world because of their extended shopping spree in the early 200’s. American’s lived beyond their means, buying bigger houses and fancy cars. But even they had a wake – up call. It is sad to realize that yet, we students of their gormless practises have yet not resigned.

Now is the time to our time and attention towards living well instead of living beyond our needs or means.
written by; Lady Amma