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So I turned A Woman For Just A Second – Part 2

And yes, even if we wouldn’t admit to it,aside the breath and teeth and the several others that we look at,we also look at the guy’s pocket. But not in the way you think. Pocket in terms of the potential the guy possesses. But if he comes and he has an already-made pocket too,should I say no? Should I say no even if I start ‘understanding’ him? Of course not. So please you guys out there who make it look like women are gold diggers should spare us.

Before I turned a woman,I used to listen in to conversations on how my fellow brothers ‘con’ girls. It wasn’t until I turned female that I fully appreciated how ridiculous some of the proposals and so-called ‘conning’ was. “Baby,I need your dowry list”,one guy said to me. Meanwhile he was at my place to ‘perch’ my small rice oo. You cant buy your own food and you want dowry list. A perfect example of boys kasarism. Another guy was like,”God said I should tell you that you are my wife”. Mtchww,boy pulease! I promised that,when I returned to being male,I would organise a press conference to educate all guys to stop this non sylla things. The ladies just laugh at us. If you see a lady walking and smiling by herself,she just remembered one whack lines a guy used on her.

Being a woman aint easy and if you reading this,just give a round of applause to them. I always wanted to bath. ah! Changed my clothes and undergarments in within hours. I remember changing my boxers weekly or if the taps werent flowing,fortnightly. its called water conservation. Only guys would understand.
I kept a handbag close to me everyday and everywhere. it was there I kept some important things. I had lip gloss in there,lipstick,concave mirror, convex mirror, slippers, umbrella, two spare Victoria secret undies,tissue. paper,four sim cards,money,diary and an inflatable boat to aid me if there was a flood ir something. To say it was heavy would be an understatement but I carried it anyways cos they say prevention is better than ‘kiosk’.

My hair, hmmm, even if I had no money for food,I had money for my hair. I watch movies cos I want to see new hair and clothing styles.

What baffled me most when I turned a woman was watching guys watch football. It was a pity watching males watching other twenty two guys running after an inflated ball. they are paid thousands of dollars and all you do is shout and scream behind the television. You quarrel with us when your team loses. Was I the referee?!!!smh
When I shook my head naaa,then I changed back into a guy. What on earth happened to me? let me go check the bathroom and see if everything is intact.