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So I turned A Woman For Just A Second

So I turned a woman for just a second and o my word!,suddenly, my eyes became clearer. Colours seemed to flow out of items I looked at. When I was a guy,all I knew about the colour Blue was that it was blue! However,the second,I became a female homosapien,I could detect all the shades and shadows of blue; saxe, torquoise,iris,cyan,periwinkle,azure,you name it. it was a cultural shock to me. it ws there I realised being male had thrown me into the valley of partial blindness. Put two similar colours before a guy and trust me,he wont be able to tell one from the other.

When I turned a woman for a second, my eyes started zooming into distances. I could see a married man two hundred metres away by the ring he wore. I became very judgemental of the clothes my female colleagues wore. I know it wasn’t my business but I just couldn’t help myself. I saw mismatching shoes and bags. o I wasnt even tired of correcting people in ny mind. “Such blouses only go with long skirts”,I would say in my mind when someone passed.

We suffer oo. I had five solid proposals the moment I turned a woman. o guys,give me a break! Come on,at least let me start wearing some heel or something kakra eh. hm,it was quite hard you know and I think you guys should give us credit. If you think proposing is hard,try accepting a proposal and see which is more daunting-especially when you choosing one person from a possible twenty five! I found out that guys,we don’t love you at the beginning oo. We just ‘understand’. Haven’t you wondered how a guy proposes and the lady says,”Am going to think about it”?. Ask yourself,what the heck is she thinking about?!! Well,I found out-when I turned a girl- that we look at many things. we look at your breath,your teeth and the like. be continued.