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Stressed on Campus? Overcome it

Well, before I begin I would like to share an experience I had some time ago while on campus. You know, first of all, stress is horrific and not a friend at all. one way or the other it is good to go through it like a rational human being but don’t let it get all over you. It got to get a limit in your life.

Well, how I overcame my stress only God knows how but it all took my consistency and concentration. Focusing on what I want and my reasons for doing what I want to do.

Ok here it goes, I had this issue with getting caught up with a whole lot of responsibilities, accepting them even if I had no idea if I could meet them up. How bad, and I just could hold on to so much weariness not knowing when to let go. It was so stressful and depressing. you know I found it so difficult to come out of this burden on me. see, my perception was to keep myself busy not knowing it was all burden I had for myself.

Now, I know you may be facing some challenges in life you want to overcome causing you so much pain. Trust me you will overcome this after reading this article.

Stress is the body’s response to physical and emotional demands. Losing a job, the end of a long-term relationship, the death of a beloved, divorce are all major causes of stress. Certain lifestyle choices can cause stress, especially when they affect your health or you become dependent on such unhealthy coping mechanisms. They include:

  1. Excessive take of alcohol
  2. Less rest
  3. less exercise
  4. use of illegal drugs
  5. spending long hours on studies( studyaholic, that’s my name for it)
  6. malnutrition
  7. using smartphones in bed, keeping you awake

There are chronic stresses as well, such as financial struggles, the high pressure at work, feeling less support from family and friends, etc.

Stress has a bad effect on not only the physical and mental health but can as well be harmful if you get depressed. It can make you feel less able to maintain positive habits strategies that aid in managing depression. It interrupts a healthy daily routine resulting in negative habit strategies like drinking, smoking, and withdrawing from social relationships.

Stress can affect the mood of an individual as anxiety and irritability are responses to stress.

Now to tell you how I overcame stress on campus is this; well, not only my experience I would share but that of others as well. Being a student trust me is the best level in life ever. I know some students work on their own to find earns meet but hey, you’ve got this. And those of us who are spoon-fed by our parents and guardians, a question; what stresses you up aside from learning, going for lectures? Is it relationship (dating whoever, only God knows our parents approve of them and even if they are going to marry you)

As a student who aims at a goal in life should know what is best for them. Learn to let go of things that are getting hold of you, taking off your time, and leaving you with nothing but pains and regrets.

Learn to do things that at the beginning you find difficult to do but believing so well it will yield good fruits in time to come with no regrets at all. Thus, focus on your studies if the ‘dating’ is not helping.

You know it took me a while to come to understand this in life. I just couldn’t find my way out. I prayed to God for help, and trust me God has been amazingly good. And I believe if you allow him to find his way in your life, is going to be great.

Tips on overcoming stress:

  1. Get enough rest/sleep
  2. Eat balanced diet
  3. Do regular exercise
  4. Find a relaxing hobby
  5. Less intake of coffee and alcohol
  6. Avoid lifestyle choices that cause you to stress
  7. Taking fewer responsibilities, better still share them with subordinates or some helping friends
  8. Surround yourself with positive friends and family members
  9. Be away from stressful environments and situations
  10. Walk away from toxic relationships/ stressful jobs