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Successories-Giov Honey

So, what is your definition for success?
For now, you can hold on to it.
I will ask you again when we are about to recess.
But, I will love that you note down most of the things I say in the process,
Because, for anyone to be able to locate success,
They must have its address.

SUCCESS is not about how much change you make.
It is about how much CHANGE you make-Suli Breaks.
Becoming successful is not a sprint; it is a marathon.
And you know how the marathon race is like.
You run over 26 miles.
You don’t at any point break or take a rest for a while.
You keep running, trotting, jogging, rushing, dashing, and bolting;
Determined to increase your pace after every mile.
Sometimes, to the point when your saliva begins to taste like bile.
Why? Because, after every mile, you keep growing light.
But, do you stop? No!
You keep running, trotting, jogging, rushing, dashing, bolting, and hoping;
That at the end of the tunnel, you will see the glowing light-victory, gold, success.
So, you see, there is no easy road to success.
So, if you ever happen to want to drive to Success City then you must have determination and hope as your passport.
That is why they say success is not a destination; it is a journey.
That is why I say you can’t equate success with money.
Some people are so poor; all they have is money.
But, then, here is the irony:
Are you aware sometimes what you call ‘MY SALARY’,
Is to another person, ‘God’s tithe’?
And you can agree that’s very funny.

Now, let’s restart.
Success lies in doing what is necessary,
So what is necessary isn’t the question.
What is necessary is change.
So, permit me to quickly do a change of subject.
If success is equal to what is necessary,
And what is necessary is equal to change,
Then success is equal to change.
All the world has ever needed is change.
A change in visual set, a change in mind set.
Because, if we all can perceive rightly, then we need not worry about anyone acting wrongly.
It is only by a change in attitude that we can realize a change in altitude.
How will we end the world’s constant strife?
It is by constantly changing and revising our way of life.
It’s all about being the change we want to see-Mahatma Ghandi.
It’s all about killing ourselves to see something changed.
After all, what are we living for, if there’s nothing we’re dying for?
And these were the same ideas;
These were the very ideas that were pushed forward by our pioneers.
Thomas Edison when he invented the bub to produce light.
The late Madiba Nelson when he led the freedom fight.
Florence Nightingale;
Winston Churchill;
Martin Luther King Junior;
John D. Rockefeller;
And now, here come the greatest fella;
Jesus Christ, the saviour.
I’m sure you’ll side with me that He’s the greatest ever.
Because, whatever these men and women were, He was more than twice.
His business wasn’t bulb invention, because He was the light.
He was the symbol for freedom, so no one had to be in a fight.
Nightingale did nursing, but He did healing.
Churchill did ruling, but He did leading.
Martin Luther championed the black emancipation,
But, whoever received Jesus,     black or white,
Jew or Gentile,
Poor or rich,
He became their emancipation.
But, let me quickly clarify before I’m misunderstood.
I haven’t come to advertise any man so don’t misconstrue.
All I’m saying is, and my view is that how successful we’re
Should be measured by how many lives we impart.
But, just before I go,
Please, take note:
Success is about goals,
The rest is commentary, Jon Champion.
So, I will urge you to get a goal, step into the world and change a life.
And, when I see you, I will call you a champion.