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The Beautiful Ones are not yet Born! – A Brilliant Piece by a Former UCC SRC President

A lot of the times, some guys (including myself) complain that ladies are more affectionate to guys with wealth. Inasmuch as it is hurting to see your lady drifting to someone who is gainfully employed, riding in the latest models of cars, etc, I think it’s reasonable for us to understand and appreciate it as part of live.

Though I wouldn’t be happy to see my girlfriend leaving me for someone who is already settled in live, I strongly believe that such incidences are so natural and incorporated into our lives. We have to accept competitions and participate in them fully.

As we are complaining today, and as honest as we can be, is it not just proper and sensible to sit down one day as a prosperous father and hope that your daughter would fall into the hands of a man who has a nice job, a decent income, and a secured future?

How many of us, when become fathers to beautiful daughters, would presume to let our daughters take the risk in dating guys who don’t have jobs? How many of us would want our daughters to marry men who have no stable incomes? How many of us would want our daughters to be following their guys and walking in the streets everyday, when they have the opportunity and qualities to be picked up by men with wealth?

You may be tempted to think that a lady who loves you should be willing to help you develop yourself and build a successful future together. I support that perfectly. But is it worth that she waits for you? And are you the only man in existence? And of course when you build that successful future alone you will have a dozen of ladies of her type or better choose from.

Let us accept that the competition for ladies is very keen, with the beautiful and refined ones having greater chances of been picked by wealthy guys. Instead of sitting and whining at this, it’s better you build yourself for a better competition in the future. Very few ladies will judge you by the promise you hold, so stop assuming that a lady should consider your dreams and make you her man.

Just step up your game and start working towards that successful future. The beautiful ones are not yet born!