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The Cornerstone

The builders have done their best
They have put together all their efforts and brains
Sand,water and cement were mixed to make mortar.
Stones were added to the mixture to make concrete.

Then the builders worked all day
making blocks with the mortar
and laying the foundation for the building.
The sun scotched their heads and their backs
as they moved to and fro putting things
together to raise the building.
They loved and understood the nature of
their work so much that they never felt discouraged
even though the rains came down.

the building was raised.
It stood so high that
it was seen miles away.

Then came the storm
followed by a flood.
Everything came down
and the building was no more standing.

WHAT might have gone wrong?
The builders used good and quality materials.
They prepared all mixtures
in their right proportion and yet
the building came down.

Perhaps, they might have left something out.
Something more essential
than good materials and hard work:

By: Winifred Agbenya